Arthur D. Jacobs Collection, 1939-2001
Arthur D. Jacobs Collection, 1939-2001
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This collection contains materials that pertain to Arthur D. Jacobs' personal experiences as a civilian internee during and after World War II, along with documentation of legislation instituted by Major Jacobs seeking restitution from the American government for German-American internment camps during World War II. Included are original newspapers published in various internment camps along with correspondence, legal pleadings, and legislative documents used by Major Jacobs in his research on the history of the internment of German Nationals and German-Americans. Other documents include official records, memoranda, photographs, manuscripts and printed matter gathered by Jacobs in conjunction with the publication in 1999 of his book entitled "The Prison Called Hohenasperg: An American Boy Betrayed by his Government during World War II".
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