The escaping club
The escaping club
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On 16 July 1916, Alfred John Evans, a reconnaissance pilot officer with 3 Squadron RFC, crash-landed over enemy territory and was taken prisoner. He was sent to Gütersloh and then to Clausthal, from where he escaped, only to be re-captured a few days later and taken to Fort 9, Ingolstadt, a secure prison where the Germans collected all those who had tried to break out of other camps. Conversation among the prisoners at Fort 9 was usually founded on one topic: escape. They pooled their knowledge and committed themselves to help anyone who wished to make their bid for freedom, regardless of the risks. These were hardened prison breakers who cared not a tuppence for court-martials or an extended spell in solitary confinement. In the summer of 1917, Evans and a fellow officer excaped from Fort 9; through a journey of unimaginable hardship, they finally reached freedom in Switzerland. Following recuperation and re-training, Evans was sent to Palestine, but yet again his machine came down with engine failure. Taken prisoner by the Turks, he managed yet another daring excape but was again recaptured. In poor physical condition, he was subjected to horrendous treatment by the 'unspeakable Turk', and only just hung on until the end of the War. This is his astonishing story. --page 4 of cover.
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